The lenses cover the full frame 35mm still standard of 36mm x 24mm, both covering RED’s Dragon 31mm x 16mm and amply covering any Super 35mm Film gate using the center sweet spot of the lens.


NIKKOR AI                                      $225.00/set/day
This is an 8 lens set of  of vintage Nikkor AI glass.    The glass renders images with Nikkor’s classic bokeh and an excellent and smooth contrast both in color and black and white imagery.  This is a look splashed over LIFE and LOOK magazines over half a century.  The lenses come with soft, adjustable gear rings and appropriate donuts to be used with studio matte boxes.  Perfect for the vintage look and a most affordable set of primes.  These lenses are rented as a set.

 15mm f3.5        20mm f3.5         28mm f2        35mm f1.4     55mm f1.2         85mm f1.4         100mm f2        135mm f2.8




CANON L SERIES PRIMES             $285.00/set/day

14mmL f2.8        24mmL  f1.4       35mmL f1.4      50mm L f1.2    85mmL f1.2       135mmL f2        200mmL f1.8     300mmL f4

CANON MACROS                             $35.00/set/day

50mm f2.8                                          100mm f2.8

CANON TILT & SHIFT                    $200.00/set/day

17mmTS-E f4    24mmTS-E f2.8   45mmTS-E f2.8    90mmTS-E f2.8

16-35mmL f2.8                                $30.00/zoom/day
24-70mmL f2.8                                $40.00/zoom/day
24-105mmL f2.8                              $35.00/zoom/day
70-200mmL f2.8                              $40.00/zoom/day


LEICA R LENS SET                           $300.00/day

Elmarit R 19mm f/2.8     Elmarit R 24mm f/2.8      Summicron R 35mm f/2      Summicron R 50mm f/2     Summicron R    60mm Macro f/2.8     Summicron R 90mm f/2    Elmarit R 135mm f/2.8


ZEISS EOS MOUNT                        $105.00/set/day

21mm f2.8           28mm f2            50mm f1.4



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