The Leica Summilux-C lenses are a revolutionary new line of PL mount primes designed to deliver ultra-high optical performance for film and digital capture.

These new T1.4 close focus primes use a unique multi-aspheric design and high-precision cine lens mechanics to provide unparalleled flat field illumination across the entire 35mm frame and suppression of color fringing in the farthest corners of the frame with no detectable breathing.

All Leica Summilux-C prime lenses share a uniform length, 95mm threaded lens front, advanced distance focus scales, and similar location of focus and iris rings—which allow quick interchange of lenses in a busy production environment.

Designed to be lightweight yet rugged, the mount and lens barrel are manufactured from high-strength titanium. Leica Summilux-C lenses weigh between 3.5 and 4.0 pounds (1.6-1.8kg).

Key Features:

Ultra-High Optical Performance for Digital & Film Cameras
• Patent-Pending Multi-Aspheric Optical Design
• Very High Resolution
• Extremely High Contrast
• Exceptionally Low Chromatic Aberration (full image)
• Flat-Field Illumination across the Entire Frame
• Even Image Quality over the Field of View
• Even Image Quality throughout the Focus Range
• Linear Iris with Closed Position
• Rear Net Capability

User-Friendly Focus Scale Advances
• Patent-Pending Small Diameter Focus Scale, with:
• Expanded Focus Mark Spacing in Critical Focus Range
• Constant Focus Mark Spacing

Compact, Lightweight Ergonomic Design
• Small Diameter and Short Length
• Lightweight 1.6-1.8kg (3.5-4.0 lbs).
• Rugged Titanium Lens Mount
• Distinct Titanium Finish

Leica Summilux-C 18mm T1.4 – 22       $300/day
Leica Summilux-C 21mm T1.4 – 22       $300/day
Leica Summilux-C 25mm T1.4 – 22       $300/day
Leica Summilux-C 29mm T1.4 – 22       $300/day
Leica Summilux-C 35mm T1.4 – 22       $300/day
Leica Summilux-C 40mm T1.4 – 22       $300/day
Leica Summilux-C 50mm T1.4 – 22       $300/day
Leica Summilux-C 65mm T1.4 – 22       $300/day
Leica Summilux-C 75mm T1.4 – 22       $300/day
Leica Summilux-C 100mm T1.4 – 22     $300/day