Lens Accessories

Lens Accessories
Accessories for Lens Control System
Wireless Extension Unit WEU-1 (for WMU-1) n/c
Memory Module MEM-1 (for ZMU-1) n/c
Movable Iris Drive Gear n/c
LCS Panhandle $25.00
Misc. Accessories
ARRI ZMU-3 Zoom Control with
Lens Control Motor CLM-2
Microforce Zoom Control with Heden Motor $55.00
Heden Focus Motor + Controller $40.00
Zoom Motor Holder $8.00
Chrosziel Zoom Lens Dampener $40.00
Oppenheimer Panhandle for Microforce $25.00
Cinetech Panhandle for Microforce $25.00
Additional Adapter Mounts $11.00