The front lens on the T-Rex System can pan up to 360 º while maintaining a level horizon without any additional controls. The horizon can be set (adjusted) to any position with the image rotation control (Gear).

* Lens head can tilt down from Horizontal by 18 º for ease of repositioning.
* Side Mounted Filter Holder accepts 2 filters
* Image rotation gear can rotate the image by 360 º
* Zoom 2:1
* Real T7.1 with all Front Lenses.
* Interchangeable Camera Lens Mount (PL, BNC, Panavision)
* Lens can be easily converted to a straight Borescope.

Front Head can also be rotated around the horizontal Axis by loosening the separation ring and pulling the front lens forward (to disengage locating pin) then rotate to the desired position and re-tighten the separation ring again


T-REX modular lens system $1300
camera lens mount: PL, BNC, Pana or B4 mount
2X 19MM or 15MM rods
1X lens support
18″ Dove Tail plate 

available lenses are:
5.5-20 MM
8-18 MM
17-37 MM
18-35 MM
18-35 MM Shift and Tilt
32-70 MM
70-150 MM Macro