Sony Venice

Premiere of a camera with a full frame sensor or Full Frame with which it wants to compete with other high-end manufacturers for the realization of digital cinematography. With a sensor of 36x24mm it manages to register resolutions of up to 6048 × 4032 pixels. The new Sony Venice with features in almost all formats: Super35 24.9 × 18.7mm 4096 × 3024 (equivalent to 4 perforations film) and Super35 24.9 × 14.00mm 4096 × 2160 (equivalent to 3 perforations film), Super35 Anamorphic and Spherical of 18mm, and the Full-Frame Anamorphic and Spherical format of 24mm. Any aspect ratio will be possible thanks to the Full-Frame sensor, with the possibility of 1.85: 1, 2.39: 1 or 17: 9 frames.

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