Arri Cforce PLUS Motor

The motor for control of focus, zoom or intelligent iris in Plus version. Something less light than the MINI version but with a much greater force, with a remarkable speed and enough strength for large lenses and zoom or vintage lenses somewhat harder to focus on. It is equipped with twin LBUS connectors and uses a chain connection, so that up to 3 CFORCE Plus can be connected online.

It connects directly to the Alexa Mini camera, which is a solution of small size and very little weight. Likewise, it is connected to the Active Motor Controller AMC-1, or with its superior model the UMC-4 making the CFORCE Mini usable with any camera.

You can also visit the wireless focus control section to discover other options, including the Arri WCU-4 top model, where you can use from 1 to 3 engines at a time. We have several options from other brands with a wide range of prices.