Sony Venice 2

8K Interchangeable Sensor Digital Cinema Camera
Featuring an impressive 16-stop dynamic range, internal recording onto a high-speed ASX card, internal recording formats up to ProRes 4K 4444 and 422, and an interchangeable sensor with updated usability and body design, the 8K Sony VENICE 2 Digital Motion Picture Camera is a step up for DPs, camera assistants, colorists, VR, and VFX departments thanks to its high-resolution capture and filmlike imagery.
Beautiful Imagery in Any Light
Take advantage of the wide dynamic range of the camera to shoot in the extremes of exposure from candlelight to bright sunshine. The camera, with its dual native ISO ranges, allows you to push the boundaries of your creative lighting choices.
Firmware Update v2.1
  • Enables you to crop 16:9 from the entire 3:2 area, eliminating the narrower angle that came from the zoom-to-fit function, cutting off the side of the 17:9 viewing angle.
  • This update also adds a zoom-to-fit 2.39:1 function for 3:2 imager modes.
Dual ISO
The VENICE 2 with an 8.6K sensor features a dual-range ISO setting with 800 and 3200 base settings while sharing the same color science as the original 6K sensor.
The new 8.6K sensor improves on the original sensor, providing more flexibility in the image for post-production work while still intercutting well with the 6K sensor. The 6K sensor block (not included) can be swapped into the VENICE 2 in the field, avoiding a trip to a service facility. This can be useful for capturing higher frame rates than you can with the 8.6K sensor. Please note that though you can use the 6K sensor from the original VENICE in a VENICE 2, you cannot put the 8.6K VENICE 2 sensor into the original VENICE camera. Swapping sensor blocks is not a permanent change, as you can swap back and forth. No software or firmware changes are required when swapping sensors, as the camera recognizes the different sensor blocks and automatically adjusts. The sensor supports oversampling from 8.6 to 4K, or you can window in the camera to output 4K.
Lens Mount
  • The VENICE 2 comes with the industry-standard PL lens mount. It is compatible with all Super35 and full-frame PL lenses, spherical and anamorphic. The removable lens mount includes contacts that support Cooke /i Technology. The camera’s lens information is recorded as metadata frame by frame.
  • Removing the PL Mount exposes the camera’s E-Mount, which allows compatibility with E-Mount lenses. This E-Mount is designed with a lever lock that eliminates the need to rotate your lens when mounting, and the lever lock secures the lens in the mount, minimizing play. Rotating of the locking collar means that in most cases, lens support rigs don’t need to be removed, which saves time during production. A planned firmware update is required to take full advantage of the E-Mount.
Internal ND Filters
The servo-controlled 8-step mechanical ND filter mechanism built into the camera chassis offers a massive ND range from Clear (no ND) and 0.3 (1/2 = 1 stop) to 2.4 (1/256 = 8 stops).
Servo Control
The servo control also greatly increases VENICE’s flexibility when being controlled remotely on drones, cranes, or in underwater housing. Although the optional Rialto 2 allows you to separate the sensor block from the camera body by up to 39′ for placing the sensor and your lens in places too small for the camera body, the camera’s smaller size, compared to the original VENICE, makes it easier to rig in drones, where the Rialto 2 would not be appropriate to use.
Internal Recording
Free yourself from an external recorder for raw and high-data-rate recording, as the VENICE 2 is capable of recording directly to AXS cards internally. Featuring two AXS card slots, you can capture X-OCN and 4K ProRes (both 17:9 and 16:9) internally and use relay recording for virtually unlimited recording time. Additionally, the VENICE 2 supports cache recording and has twice the cache memory as the original VENICE camera.
Super35 17:9 and 16:9
These popular imager sizes have native support in VENICE 2, and the 8K sensor makes it possible to capture 5.8K footage in 17:9 or 16:9 in Super 35mm mode, which allows you to use Super 35mm PL mount lenses.
Color Gamut

The VENICE 2 can exceed the BT.2020 color space, with a color range wider than DCI-P3. This means it can beautifully reproduce the true color of the scene in front of your lens. The camera also provides a broad palette in the grading suite, using the established workflow of Sony’s S-Log3 and ultra-wide color space, S-Gamut3. Plus, VENICE 2’s 6K and 8K sensors match colors almost perfectly, making your grading experience even better.
No Jello Effect
The high-speed readout of the VENICE 2 sensor minimizes the Jello effect typical with CMOS sensors.
New VENICE 2 Functions
  • Zoom to Fit Monitoring crops the viewing outputs (VF/SDI/HDMI) to the desired aspect ratio while recording the full frame of the sensor for VFX and potential post-production reframing
  • Apply LUTs to your 4K or HD (6G/1.5G-SDI) output
  • LUT/ART/CDL file import via Ethernet/Wi-Fi
  • ASC-CDL values control via Ethernet/Wi-Fi allows you to have LUT and CDL values applied by the camera using either an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi via a connected computer using a GUI; CDL values are now embedded in clip metadata
  • VENICE 2 supports control from an RM/RCP panel that can be used with broadcast camcorders and system cameras. When connected, ITU-R Rec. 2020 color space and HLG are selectable, and adjustment of various paint parameters is supported