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Supports for diopters

If your shooting needs Diopters or Close-up in its “split” version we offer you several alternatives. With them you can implement several improvements. Zoom in the minimum focusing distance, improve the chromatic aberrations, improve the focus accuracy … But not only this but also get two different focal planes appear in focus at the same time.

Supports for dioptres 138mm

We offer you a support that we have specially manufactured and that we call “3D” because it allows movements and adjustments in all axes. This way you can get the desired effect when it comes to disguising the optical effects when you use diopters “split” or games. We also offer a two-axis support, more economical. If you are going to shoot in anamorphic, they will be especially useful.

Dioptrías Full – Split ajustables

Dioptrías especiales con marco de posicionamiento y rotación. Se pueden utilizar como dioptrías enteras o como partidas ya que el sistema de fijación es móvil. Si quieres rodar planos en que los que necesitas tanto dioptrías enteras como partidas, esta es una buena opción. Perfectas para las Kowa Prominar y otras lentes, tanto esféricas como anamórficas. Son además muy pequeñas lo que las hace ideales para equipo ligero.