EASYRIG – Supports for shoulder or gimbal camera

One of the most popular equipment for camera operators who have to put up with the weight of their equipment for several hours is easyrig “shower” type support, which allows redistributing the weight towards the hips, without having to carry on the back , shoulders or neck.

Now has been presented a new model, the easyrig Vario 5, which is the most versatile that has been to date because it allows to use it and adjust it for cameras from 5 kilos up to 17 kilos, through the adjustment of a mechanism located in the back of the easyrig Vario 5.

The system can be ordered with three types of vests, the normal, the easyrig double Cinema 3, and a new one designed specifically for use with stabilizers. It can also be ordered with a normal arm, or with arm extensions of 130mm or 230mm.

Not only useful for shooting a camera on the shoulder, but also for an infinite number of situations such as moving the camera according to your needs, achieving really spectacular shots. If you are going to use a gimbal like the Ronin, Movi or BeSteady we have the ideal complement: Serene flowcine that stabilizes the axis that the easyrig can not, minimizing the movements of the operator when walking or running.