Universal Motor Controller UMC-4

Arri UCM-4

For Rental  Arri UCM-4. This receiver is capable of controlling the focus, iris and zoom of any camera brand and providing all the vitally important information about which optics have been used in the recordings. This data will be used in post-production of VFX (Special Effects).

The rental of this UCM-4 unit includes:

L-Bracket adapter
Antenna UMC-4
32G SD Card for UMC-4
2 Cables UMC-4 for Amira / Alexa Mini
2 Cables UMC-4 for RED Epic
2 Power cables UMC-4 RS to D-TAP
2 Power cables UMC-4 RS to RS

It’s compatible with:

Lens Data Encoder LDE-1
Ultrasonic Distance Measure UDM-1
All ARRI Alexa models
All ARRI Amira models
All camera brands
Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4
Single Axis Unit SXU-1
Zoom Main Unit ZMU-3A
Wireless Zoom Extension WZE-3
Controlled Lens Motor CLM-2
Controlled Lens Motor CLM-3
Controlled Lens Motor CLM-4
Lens Data Encoder LDE-1